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ZincMan is a liquid chelated micronutrient fertilizer containing high concentrations of manganese and zinc for foliar and soilapplication to treat micronutrient deficiencies for wide family of crops to increase growth and yield.

ZincMan is a high-quality ingredient of zinc-manganesecomplexed with multiple carboxylic acids for more effective and rapid uptake.Manganese promotes the activity of various enzymes that helps in the photosynthetic light reactions, respiration andprotein synthetic processes leading to better utilization of NPK to convert into functional seed carbohydrates.

Zinc promotes root growth, photosynthesis and production ofthe growth hormone of auxin.

ZincMan is the most suitable method of supplying zinc andmanganese to the horticultural crop where manganese inassociation with zinc directly promotes the early shoot growth at bud burst of most deciduous and perennial crops. Incereals, early to mid-tillering applications of ZincMan promoteshoot to intercept sunlight and prevent leaf drop.