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MCFP is concern to let agricultural production more sustainable is an important part of a greener and more competitive economy. We at MCFP aware that the materials that compose organic-based fertilizers, the beneficial natural processes they generate, and the ways in which we are produced contribute to the sustainable, resource-efficient and low-carbon economy MCFP is enhancing the quality of the agricultural products as well as yield, organic fertilizers contribute to both food quality and security the humanity needs.

MCFP organic fertilizers also respects soil biodiversity were the provided nutrients follow the natural cycle of nitrogen release in the soil and work in harmony with both climatic conditions and crop growth patterns additionally high organic matter provided by organic based fertilizers enhances the biological activity of soils, thereby also improving and sustaining their biodiversity.

MCFP do encourage the global trend for more environmentally friendly products, aware about organic farming as an important sector in agricultural business, therefore we start working to qualify our products that comply with organic conditions. Indeed we success to get a certification from “CCPB”, we are happy to introduce MCFP new organic fertilizer certified products.