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Mofcal Gel

Mofcal Gel

Mofcal Gel is a mixture of high concentration of Calcium- Magnesium and micro elements in gel form completely soluble in water can be applied to all fruit and vegetable crops to improve fruit firmness, storability, color and skin finish.

Mofcal Gel is effective supplements calcium and magnesium to improve cell wall structure, cell elongation, photosynthesis and stomata regulation.

Mofcal Gel Ideal for quality issues relating to Calcium deficiency such as blossom end rot, bitter pit, tip burn, die-back, soft fruit and more.

Mofcal Gel is a high use efficiency and quick uptake by crops.

Mofcal Gel is a recommended fertilizer to supply Calcium and Magnesium to plants.

Mofcal Gel can be used by foliar application and by fertigation.

Mofcal Gel is chloride free, plant safe formulation that would not burn plants.