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Quds Paints Industry was established in 1994. It started with two lines of products,Water-born Interior Walls putty and Cement-base tile adhesive.

FuliHume 20%

FuliHume 20%

FuliHume 20 is a blend of liquid humic and fulvic acids that when applied to soil assist in increasing microbiological activity, nutrient and organic conditions as well as maintaining soil fertility and structure.

FuliHume 20 Increases root respiration and formation, increases plant membrane permeability and increases nutrient translocation.

FuliHume 20 Increases soil cation exchange capacity (CEC), improves soil buffering capacity, retains watersoluble fertilizers in soil, Improves friability of soil (crumbliness), improves soil aeration, increases water holding capacity and reduces soil erosion.

Assist with seed germination.

FuliHume 20 can be used directly in all irrigation system.