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Modern Company for Fertilizer Production MCFP Pakistan:

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Mcfp Pkistan increasing productivity per area by applying modern agricultural solutions including specialty & water-soluble fertilizers rather than straight or granular fertilizers.

MCFP Pakistan is now engaged in under-license production agreements with well- known multinational fertilizers manufacturers. A significant milestone in MCFP history is the invention of paste fertilizer, a form that was proudly introduced by MCFP Pakistan for the first time ever in this industry, named as Amcopaste. The idea of paste NPK is combining advantages of both solid & fluid NPK fertilizers; high concentrations of solid NPK with the high solubility & homogeneity of fluids, both in chemically blended low pH form.

One of the #field #trials for our distinguished #Dragon product on cucumber crop, the results showed 15.0% yield #increase while using Dragon #compared to control #fertilizer

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Observations from field trials conducted by Mr. El-Hadi ZENBOUDJI from Algeria, the field trial shows the efficiency of Calcibor on watermelon with harvesting higher Quality.

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We are always glad to hear the reactions of our farmers. Our client from Kenya has increased the productivity of his crops using our foliboost

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One of the field trials conducted by one of our partners of success, from Belarus on Amco Potato, a product that specially designed to enhance the quality and increase yield of po

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Observations from field trials conducted by Agronomist Nazhad Hamza at AMCMeqdadiyahh team in Iraq, the field trial shows the efficiency of Multi N on Wheat crop.

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It is always great to hear the client satisfaction through the way he speaks about your product

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Nothing better than investing in your crops quality

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Amazing results for one of MCFP Crops Fertilizers Amco Potato"

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