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Modern Company for Fertilizer Production MCFP Pakistan:

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Mcfp Pkistan increasing productivity per area by applying modern agricultural solutions including specialty & water-soluble fertilizers rather than straight or granular fertilizers.

MCFP Pakistan is now engaged in under-license production agreements with well- known multinational fertilizers manufacturers. A significant milestone in MCFP history is the invention of paste fertilizer, a form that was proudly introduced by MCFP Pakistan for the first time ever in this industry, named as Amcopaste. The idea of paste NPK is combining advantages of both solid & fluid NPK fertilizers; high concentrations of solid NPK with the high solubility & homogeneity of fluids, both in chemically blended low pH form.
Super Cal 45%

Super Cal 45%

SuperCal 45 is a liquid suspension fertilizer specially designed with high concentration of calcium to provide the maximum benefits and rapid taken up of calcium for plant.

Calcium plays important roles in plant growth, cell wall formation, cell division, fruit and root development.

SuperCal 45 can be used to prevent or correct deficiencies of calcium which result in poor root development, yellowing of new plant tissue and fruit and vegetable abnormalities and physiological break down such as blossom end rot.

SuperCal 45 is applicable when nitrate or sulfate is not required by the plant.

SuperCal 45 can be used by foliar application and by fertigation.

SuperCal 45 is suitable for Organic Agriculture.