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How do different fertilizers affect orange seedlings
  • authour MCFP
  • November Wednesday, 2020

How do different fertilizers affect orange seedlings

Nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium also needs iron, aluminum, zinc and copper, as a deficiency in the elements affects the harvest, as the nitrogen text reduces and slows down the growth of vegetation cover and works on the yellowing of the foliage. Watering.

Fertilizing season for orange trees begins at the end of February winter, farmers fertilize with 4.4 to 6.6 pounds of fertilizer per tree and also a new amount of compost is applied in late spring in May. Heavy nitrogen fertilization is usually avoided at this stage, and the final application of the fertilizer is placed in The final application stage is in the late summer of August, and sometimes foliar fertilization is used, which is a method that is through the soil.

Fertilizing citrus fruits is very important so that they grow in the right way. Citrus can be fertilized in two ways. Organic or mineral fertilizers, where fermented organic fertilizer is used at a rate of 3-5 m3 / dunum every two years once and it is settled in late autumn scattered on the ground and taking into account that it is not collected around the roots, but in case Small trees were scattered around the area shaded by the tree, but if it was large and fruitful, then organic fertilizer would be spread over the entire area of ​​the land.

In Pakistan, fertilizers are of great importance to them. In Pakistan, agricultural production is dominated by a number of crops that represent about 60% of the GDP, and agriculture in Pakistan is one of the most important engines of the Pakistani economy, so it was important for Pakistan’s neglectful interest in chemical