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Fertilize in the winter.
  • authour MCFP
  • November Wednesday, 2020

Fertilize in the winter.

Winter, before you talk about this topic, you must know that annual plants, which basically end their life cycle when winter enters, are these species in particular that cannot be protected usually and therefore they are called seasonal plants, whether they are for the summer or winter season, so we must make sure that the plant variety is for any season. It is mainly because seedlings can dry up if they are in the wrong season.

There are ways to protect plants from frost and cold, and we have done what we can to provide a good and safe environment for plants, by fertilizing in the twenties every month only and in very small quantities, and the bottles are placed next to a source of heat when the temperature is significantly low inside the house, and actually the best separation for fertilization of the land is separation Autumn feeds the soil on the various fertilizers and their complexes that the soil is supplied with, and also helps microorganisms to treat the land and help plants in their survival with high efficiency, and that also gives the gardener the opportunity to prepare for the spring season in the right way.

To reduce the losses that occur to plants, there are some tips that can be followed:

1- Some materials such as burlap or nylon bags and wrapping the plants must be provided in order not to be damaged by frosts and be taken up by diseases.

2- Dry plant leaves must be spread around the stem to warm the soil

3- The atmosphere must be monitored, the expectations of the occurrence of frost should be known, and an attempt should be made to build insulators to prevent damage to plants.

4- Taking into account placing bottles of fry while they were in the house near the windows.

5- Plants are not drowned in the watering process.

It is not possible to fully protect the plants, because the conditions no one expects, but when you rely on fertilizing the land at the beginning of winter every period, you help the plants to build strength in the roots and provide the leaves with food that makes them withstand various conditions, and do not forget to try to take into account the conditions, create conditions and provide an appropriate temperature And isolated from frost so that the crop remains at safe levels that make it not dry, spoiled or damaged

In Pakistan, fertilizers are of great importance to them. In Pakistan, agricultural production is dominated by a number of crops that represent about 60% of the GDP, and agriculture in Pakistan is one of the most important engines of the Pakistani economy, so it was important for Pakistan’s neglectful interest in chemical