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How do I make organic fertilizer with yeast?
  • authour MCFP
  • November Wednesday, 2020

How do I make organic fertilizer with yeast?

At home, you can make organic fertilizers that are natural and do not contain chemicals. It helps you increase the growth of the roots of plants and speeds up their growth and is used as a stimulant capable of increasing the roots of plants, and it is used as a growth stimulant that works on the speed of ripening of fruits and increasing the size of plants. This fertilizer is made with only materials available in the home kitchen only, and all you will need is a little yeast, whether traditional or dry with sugar and water, and there are certainly effects that have been studied by agricultural engineers and it has been explored that yeast fertilizers are a source of meats and a natural source of vitamins Natural, especially the amino vitamins, which are responsible for the formation of protein in the food of plants and work on the hormone inside plants, including cytokinein, which is responsible for the process of stimulating cell division in the plant and thus accelerates the growth of the plant and works to increase the size and also gives strong flowering and a distinctive fruit complex that increases production. And there are certainly steps that you must work on until a liter of warm water is brought and placed on top of his glass, and it is preferable that the volume of the bottle is not less than 2 liters, but it must be larger than that, and then five teaspoons of yeast or three large spoons can be used as yeast Traditional or beer yeast, and then the yeast is stirred well in the water until it dissolves, and also 10 to 12 tablespoons of sugar are placed and the sugar is stirred well until it dissolves as well. Black, white honey or pomegranate molasses and then tie the bottle with a plastic bag, but do not make it tightly sealed because the fermentation will release large amounts of gases and fizz will occur.

In Pakistan, fertilizers are of great importance to them. In Pakistan, agricultural production is dominated by a number of crops that represent about 60% of the GDP, and agriculture in Pakistan is one of the most important engines of the Pakistani economy, so it was important for Pakistan’s neglectful interest in chemical