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Modern Company for Fertilizer Production MCFP Pakistan:

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Mcfp Pkistan increasing productivity per area by applying modern agricultural solutions including specialty & water-soluble fertilizers rather than straight or granular fertilizers.

MCFP Pakistan is now engaged in under-license production agreements with well- known multinational fertilizers manufacturers. A significant milestone in MCFP history is the invention of paste fertilizer, a form that was proudly introduced by MCFP Pakistan for the first time ever in this industry, named as Amcopaste. The idea of paste NPK is combining advantages of both solid & fluid NPK fertilizers; high concentrations of solid NPK with the high solubility & homogeneity of fluids, both in chemically blended low pH form.
Fert One

Fert One

Fert One is an Amino Acid based product withorganic Nitrogen designed for foliar application aswell as through drip irrigation.

Fert One will increase plant resistance againststress as it promotes quick recovery of plant afteradverse conditions. It will also induce energysaving in general plant metabolism as it suppliesorganic substances that should otherwise besynthesized by plant itself.

This formula will boost cell expansion and shootelongation in case of stress. It will also increase plant productivity. Fert One can be mixed with pesticides andfertilizers as it will enhance the properties ofactive substances.