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Amcopaste is NPK fertilizer that is chemically mixed in a unique paste form.

This Paste formulation which was introduced for the first time by MCFP have proven to provide the plant with better fertigation efficiency than other conventional fertilizers formulas.

Thanks to its chemical structure, Amcopaste formulations will give superiority in speed of nutrients supply to plants by having the elements highly available with less leaching in the soil.

Amcopaste is produced from high quality raw materials to ensure better results and optimal plant adsorption for nutrients.

It is chemically mixed, 100% homogenous NPK, totally soluble and chloride free.

All formulations are highly acidic to reduce alkalinity in the root zone and release the fix elements from previous applications.

In addition, Amcopaste will reduce Algae growth and calcium conglomerate inside drippers.

Amcopaste can be mixed with most fertilizers and pesticides.

Available packing: 5kg, 10 kg, 15kg & 20 kg pails

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