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MCFP produces high quality water soluble powder NPK made with pure crystals and micronutrients, under Amcolon brand.

Amcolon is a fast dissolving & fully water soluble NPK powder fertilizer that can be used in all types of irrigation systems and foliar application.

Amcolon contains essential middle & micronutrients for proper plant growth and for preventing any deficiency; Including SO3, MgO, Fe, Zn, B, Mn, Cu & Mo.
Amcolon has a very low content of Chloride & Sodium, it also has low EC values

The Amcolon family is normally compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides. However, we always recommend making a compatibility test before application.
MCFP can produce other formulations than listed depending on customer's request

Available packing: 1kg, 10 kg & 25 kg bags

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