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  • Production Department
  • MCFP factory is currently laying on an area of 6,000 m2 where most of it is covered. Well trained and experienced people are operating different production lines & storage facilities.
    • Water Soluble NPK Production Line
    • Liquid & Suspension NPK Production Line
    • Paste NPK Production Line
    • Specialty Foliar Fertilizers & Trace Elements Production Line.

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  • Quality Control Department
  • Product effectiveness & quality consistency are key factors in having customer's confidence & farmer's trust. Therefore, a team of quality control people are applying several measures to ensure that all products are produced according to their approved specifications.
    These measures start with testing every single production input and raw material that is purchased, afterwards, another in-process analysis is carried out for products before filling them. Third analysis is made after product filling and before being ready for release in the market.

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  • Research & Development Department
  • Maintaining competitive edge needs nonstop process of products development; the R&D at MCFP is an interactive process between our team, market demand & customer requirements as well as laboratorial and field testing & research. This cycle leads to developing new products and improving current ones.

  • Quality Assurance Department
  • MCFP implements planned and systematic activities in its quality system so that requirements for a product quality are fulfilled. As a requirement of ISO 9001 certification, QA Dept has established a good quality management system and assessment of its adequacy with periodic conformance audits of the operation system.
    The goal for QA is to prevent defects by focusing on the process applied to produce our products.
  • Sales & Marketing Department
  • MCFP customers are always a top priority for the company; our sales team is continuously present in the market either locally or internationally to provide the needed service & support to customers & farmers.
    We support our customers on a commercial and technical levels with required information and advice. Also we provide field days & training sessions both in local Jordanian market as well as on international level in different markets.

  • Registration Department
  • Our registration department provides the service of preparing necessary documents to ensure our products compliance with Local & International industry regulations by preparing registration dossiers required by Ministries of Agriculture in different countries.

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  • IT & Design Department
  • A dedicated team at MCFP is in charge of following up IT issues. Also knowing the importance of having smart & market accepted labels and packages, we have our designers working on this part who are well informed about Fertilizers market requirements and farmer’s needs.